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Top 10 world news stories for Wednesday, June 12th, 2024.

These stories reflect a mix of legal, environmental, political, humanitarian, and scientific developments, showcasing the diverse range of issues covered under world news. Top 10 world news stories for Wednesday, June 12th, 2024:

  1. Brazil Wildfires Surge Tenfold. Wildfires in Brazil’s Pantanal wetland have increased tenfold, devastating wildlife and local farmers’ livelihoods. |​ DW
  2. Hunter Biden Convicted. A U.S. jury has convicted Hunter Biden on criminal gun charges, potentially impacting President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. |​ DW
  3. Zelenskyy Visits Berlin. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy visited Berlin for the Ukraine Recovery Conference, thanking Germany for its support against Russia​ (DW
  4. Darfur Atrocities Campaign. The ICC Prosecutor launched a campaign for evidence on Darfur atrocities amid ongoing conflict between rival military forces​. |​ Global Issues
  5. Yemen Migrant Tragedy. Over 180 migrants are dead or missing after their boat capsized off Yemen’s coast, reports the UN. |​ Global Issues
  6. Completion of UN War Crimes Tribunals. All 253 individuals indicted for war crimes in Rwanda and Yugoslavia have been accounted for, signaling the completion of UN tribunals. |​ Global Issues
  7. UNICEF on Violent Discipline. Nearly 400 million children under five endure violent discipline at home, with 330 million facing physical punishment. |​ Global Issues
  8. UNDP Tackles War Waste in Ukraine. The UNDP is addressing the rubble and waste in Ukraine, a result of the ongoing Russian invasion. |​ Global Issues
  9. WHO Climate Change and Health Resolution. The WHO has adopted a resolution recognizing the health impacts of climate change, urging global action. |​ Global Issues
  10. LGBTQ+ PRIDE Month. Global PRIDE month events emphasize inclusivity and allyship, rejecting discrimination and criminalization. |​ Global Issues