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Top 10 world news stories for Thursday, June 13th, 2024.

These stories reflect a mix of legal, environmental, political, humanitarian, and scientific developments, showcasing the diverse range of issues covered under world news. Top 10 world news stories for Thursday, June 13th, 2024:

  1. G7 Leaders Agree on $50B Loan for Ukraine. G7 leaders finalize a $50 billion loan for Ukraine, leveraging frozen Russian assets to support the war-torn country​. | DW / Global News
  2. Evan Gershkovich to Stand Trial in Russia. U.S. journalist Evan Gershkovich faces trial in Russia on espionage charges, marking the first such case since the Cold War​. | Global News
  3. Canada Imposes New Sanctions on Russia. Canada introduces new sanctions against Russia, accusing Moscow of meddling in Moldova’s elections​. | Global News
  4. Argentina Passes Key Economic Reform Bill. Argentina’s Senate narrowly approves a critical economic reform bill championed by libertarian politician Javier Milei amid public protests. |​ Global News
  5. Intense Heatwave in Greece. Greece experiences an intense heatwave, prompting officials to urge the elderly to use cooling centers​. | Global News
  6. Russia Deploys Warships to Cuba. Russian warships arrive in Cuba, escalating tensions with the West amid increasing geopolitical strife​. | Global News
  7. Legal Action Against FIFA Over Player Schedules. Soccer player unions initiate legal action against FIFA, citing the “endless” game schedules violating players’ rights​. | Global News
  8. Breast Milk Community in Uganda. In Uganda, a community of mothers provides lifesaving breast milk to infants whose mothers cannot produce milk​. | DW
  9. U.S.-Ukraine 10-Year Security Agreement. The U.S. and Ukraine sign a 10-year security pact at the G7 summit, reinforcing their alliance against Russian aggression. | DW
  10. Italy Faces Criticism at G7 Over Abortion Clause. Italy is accused of omitting an abortion rights clause in the final communique at the G7 summit, sparking controversy. | Global News