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Virtual Reality Slots: Gaming or Gambling

Technology is constantly changing and we all have to embrace it if we don’t want to feel lost in the modern world. Advancements in technology affect our everyday lives, both at home and at work. Even many leisure activities are technology led this is especially true if you are a keen video gamer or online gambler.

Most homes are now kitted out with the internet and this is an outstanding example of technology at work in our lives. Smartphones are another and both can gain you 24/7 access to online casinos like

Technology and Gambling

The gambling industry always seems to be one step a head of the rest when it comes to embracing new technology and this attitude has help the industry reap immense financial rewards.

Sustained growth in the slots industry can also be attributed to the easy relationship gambling has with technological advances. Gambling has never really looked back ever since it moved online and created the first online casino and slot game, all the way back in 1996.

1996 The Year Gambling Went Digital

In 1996 the first online casino that launched offered traditional table games only. However, the first virtual video slot wasn’t far behind and this rapidly made its way to the growing number of online casinos.

Slots eventually became the main focus of many an online casino and the thrill of gambling, slick computer graphics and extravagant bonus rounds seduced many gamblers.

A New Dawn Awaits

Slots continue to progress and improve and as long as technology continues to develop. Slots are still appealing to the masses and bringing in new gambling cliental and this new young audience has been bought up on movies and video games that use state of the art computer graphics. Now slots developers find themselves in a dilemma, do they continue to develop entertaining games or do they quickly jump to the next level and introduce the world to virtual reality slots and 3D gambling?

The technology is there waiting to be experimented with, but the dangers are that if you create a fully immersive slot game that can be controlled by physical player movements, slots could be pushed into the realms of video games and the gambling element could be lost in a virtual reality world.

Future Prospects Now

Some punters courtesy of an app called Riftcasino, have already had an early taste of the future of gambling. This software allowed individuals to walk through a 3D virtual casino. Slot games could be played with full player interaction. This involved controlling the games with arm and hand actions minus the gambling element. SlotsMillion remedied this and was one of the first casinos to offer players the chance to gamble with real cash in a virtual casino setting. If this is the future of gambling, then other problems could arise with such immersive slots games.

Punters could actually forget that they are gambling as they lose themselves in these games. This could lead to further gambling addiction problems in society and more government action being needed in the future.