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RealTime Gaming Slots to Play in 2021

If you are not aware of the new comings and goings of the online slot gaming scene, then you may have missed a few of the big releases by RealTime Gaming (RTG). They have been on the slot gaming development scene for quite some time now, but, RealTime Gaming’s games still remain out of the mainstream of casino slots – join to spin for real money today.

This is no fault of RealTime’s, and we suspect that they never intended to get to the forefront of slot gaming popularity. But, despite their lack of fame and presence, they are still arguably one of the top dogs in slot games and have been for decades now!

RealTime Gaming has almost over 200 slot games fully developed, and they are always creating new and inventive ones. 2021 is a year that is no different for RTG as they have been churning out slot games that you have to play!

Who is RealTime Gaming and are their Slots Good?

We want to introduce to you RealTime Gaming’s best slot releases of 2021, but before we bang on about their top games we should probably introduce those who do not know about RTG to them. If you are a well-seasoned iGaming veteran then we suggest you scroll down a little because we are sure you know RealTime all too well!

  • RealTime Gaming was founded in 1998 in Atlanta, meaning that they have been in the online slot gaming industry for over twenty years and have evolved at the same time as the internet has.
  • This means that every one of RealTime’s slot releases has not only adapted to the internet, but the world of online slot gaming has adapted to RTG because they are almost on par with Berners-Lee’s timeline. We are saying that RealTime’s slot releases have shaped the way online casinos function… Isn’t that impressive!
  • Not only are they a prominent member throughout iGaming history, but their slot releases have also been groundbreaking ever since and RealTime Gaming’s slot releases in 2021 only seem to increase in quality in a big way.
  • If you can see yourself in the slot arms of a trustworthy and experienced online slot game developer then we thoroughly suggest that you check out a couple of RTG slot games, you will not be disappointed!

What are the Best RealTime Gaming Slots to Play in 2021?

If we have piqued your interest with the history of the fantastic slot developers, RealTime Gaming, then you will want to know what slot releases of theirs you should be playing in 2021. Not only should you be playing some of their most well-loved games, but you should also be checking out RealTime’s hottest releases in 2021.

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Without further ado, here are our top five favourite RealTime Gaming slot releases that you need to be playing in 2021:

  1. Vegas Lux
  2. Wild Hog Luau
  3. 5 Wishes
  4. Fat Cat Café
  5. Heavenly Treasure

For the slot gamers who are looking for variety in online slots, then RealTime is where you need to be looking.