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Is it worth playing slots in fast mode?

Since slots went online, they have become the most popular form of gambling out there. Because of the continuous huge demand for these games, online casinos have become more slot game-focused than ever. Your average online casino is home to over 500 slots and with so many new games being released monthly, the number of games online casinos house, continuously grows – join now.

One of the reasons behind the popularity of slots is that they offer fast gambling action, which offers a different experience to betting on sports. Here, the fastest form of sports betting is horseracing and greyhound racing as the races come in thick and fast. But if you are gambling on football, then you have to wait for the 90-minute game to play out.

Sure, it can be tense and exciting, but it is gambling at its slowest. If you bet on a team in a tournament, you may have to wait an entire month to see how your bet pans out, especially if your team go all the way to the final.

Table Games 

Even traditional table games such as Blackjack and Roulette can be considered a little on the slow side when compared to slots. With Blackjack, you have to wait for the cards to be dealt and the hands to be revealed. Then players have to decide their next move. With roulette, there is a gap between every wheel spin to allow punters to get their bets in.

Speed Betting 

It is the speed of slot game gambling that makes slots both alluring and dangerous at the same time. Slots give you total control of the speed that you can gamble at, and if you don’t think slot spinning is fast enough as it is, then you can speed up the spins further. Games like Book of Dead have a fast spin mode that allows you to get many more spins in than normal, in a gaming session.

The Dangers of Playing Slots in Fast Mode 

Playing slots in fast mode can be quite hazardous. Especially if you do not win or if you are a high roller. The danger here is that you can go through many spins within seconds and if you are staking high, your bankroll can be annihilated within minutes. If you are susceptible to gambling addiction, then fast mode slot play should be avoided. Because again, depending on your luck, you could lose a lot of cash in no time at all. Auto spinning is fast as well but not as speedy as fast mode spinning. Fast mode spinning is useful if you are in a hurry and want a short sharp slot gaming session.

Fast Mode Spinning and Gambling Laws 

New laws introduced by the UK Gambling Commission mean that auto-play functions and fast mode slot spinning will eventually be outlawed. Already there must be a 2.5-second gap between each spin on slot games. The whole idea behind this is to slow down punter’s gameplay, so they remain in control of the spending.

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