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How to Stretch My Trainers?

Trainers are quintessential for any fitness freak. Whether you’re sweating off at a gym, dancing, going for treks, or simply running, trainers are your life saviors. But a lot of times, they’re too tight for you, leaving painful blisters. Finding the perfect size is indeed very difficult given the variety of casuals, brands, and sizes vary according to brand.

Some people also prefer to go a size smaller because, with time and use, it loosens up. But the initial fit issues can be really problematic, and you might need to stretch up your trainers a bit.

Ways of Stretching Trainers:

  1. The first and the easiest way to stretch a trainer is to simply wear it and walk around the house before wearing it outside. Doing this would ease the material of which the trainers are made of making it easy for you to use them.

    However, this process can initially be quite painful if you are not wearing socks. The shoe would probably pinch and bite your feet. It might also take a lot of time to see effective results.
  1. A tried and tested method to stretch your trainers are the frozen bag hack. Take a zip lock bag and pour some water into it. Now zip the bag and put that inside your shoe. Repeat with the other one. Now, transfer both the trainers into the freezer and let them stay overnight.

    Take it out in the morning only to find your trainers loosened up. This hack works like magic as it uses simple science to solve your problem. Liquid water solidifies into ice hence pushing the material resulting in the stretch.
  1. The same can be done by damp newspapers as well. Dampen the newspapers and keep putting them inside your trainers till you achieve the shape that you want. Later, when it dries up, it would harden, giving you the perfect fit for your trainer.

    However, be careful about damp newspapers. Do not use them if you think they might damage your trainers.
  1. Certain over-the-counter shoe stretch sprays and shoe stretch liquids are also available to which you can give a try. Many a time, these liquids work perfectly on your trainers.

    Spraying them with rubbing alcohol is also a great choice, particularly for trainers made of canvas. Since alcohol evaporates quickly, it doesn’t damage your trainers.
  1. For the next hack, you would need to put on thick cotton socks and then put on your trainers. Next, heat each shoe with a hairdryer for 30 seconds. Do not do this with trainers made of plastic or PVC, as it might burn your trainers or release harmful fumes into the air.

    The heat would soften the shoe, making it suited perfectly for your feet. If need be, repeat this process till you achieve the desired result. This hack is pretty effective in stretching your trainers.

Final Thoughts

We discussed elaborately how you could stretch your trainers in order to ensure comfort while exercising. However, if you face fit issues even after applying these hacks, maybe it’s time to change your shoe size or visit a shoe mending expert.

Only an expert would be able to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect trainers for you. Happy Exercising!

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