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A Brief History of the Casino

Gambling has been in evidence throughout history. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks the Romans and Napoleon’s France all developed gambling games, as forms of entertainment.

With this in mind, it can be suggested that the invention of an environment to house all these King Casino games was inevitable.

Casinos Through History

The first casinos appeared in Italy in the 17th Century. However, the first actual establishment to offer gambling games was not called a casino at the time, but it does meet modern day casino criteria and would have been considered a casino in today’s gambling environment. The Ridotto was established in Venice in 1638 and it was created by the Great Council of Venice to help keep gambling in a specially created environment where it could be controlled.

The popularity of this innovation took many by surprise and by the 19th century, casinos started to appear throughout Europe. It was during this time that the word casino was used to describe these venues. Eventually, casinos began to appear across mainland Europe and places like Monte Carlo began to build extravagant ones.

The casinos of Las Vegas were created as railroad workers who were laying tracks to connect Vegas with the Pacific coast, helped to develop a barren strip of land into an entertainment attraction bang in the middle of nowhere. It eventually became one of the biggest, and most corrupt casino resorts in the world. Other casino resorts followed and so did many individual casinos and casino chains.

Repelling All Challenges

The land-based casinos that still exist across the world today are here to stay. They have become far more respectable than some of their predecessors and links to crime and corruption have been severed. Even the digital revolution of 1996, when gambling took the plunge and offered all its services and games online as well as offline, did not spell the end for traditional casinos.

The reason why land-based casinos remain solid is that they are steeped in history and have become well established within society. If your traditional casino can survive such upheaval that came with the transition to the digital age, then they can survive anything, barring another act of God such as the recent pandemic. However, their popularity has and will continue to be squeezed during this era of online gambling.

Final Thoughts

Today, casinos are common sights across the globe where gambling is legal and casino resorts are major tourist attractions. However, ever since the introduction of Intercasino, which was the first online gambling venue, land-based casino popularity has dipped. This is because online casinos are more convenient and cater for all budgets.

You can access them 24/7 from the comfort of your own home or whilst you are on the go, thanks to mobile technology. You can play a wide variety of games completely anonymously and the choice of games is so vast that land-based casinos simply cannot compete with them. Special offers and bonuses are far superior online too.

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