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Top 10 world news stories for Sunday, June 9th, 2024.

These stories reflect a mix of legal, environmental, political, humanitarian, and scientific developments, showcasing the diverse range of issues covered under world news. Top 10 world news stories for Sunday, June 9th, 2024:

  1. Ukrainian Missile Strike on Russian Soil. A Ukrainian missile strike in Belgorod Oblast, possibly using a U.S. weapon system, raises concerns of escalation​. | UPI / World Economic Forum
  2. UN Panel Urges Recognition of Palestine. A UN expert panel calls for global recognition of the State of Palestine to promote peace and accountability in the region​. | UPI / DW
  3. Eurozone Enters Recession. The Eurozone fell into a technical recession in the first quarter of 2024, with GDP dropping for two consecutive quarters​. | World Economic Forum
  4. UN Reports on Global Refugee Resettlement Needs. The UNHCR forecasts 2.9 million refugees will need resettlement in 2025, highlighting significant global displacement​. | UPI
  5. EU Elections and Right-Wing Surge. EU elections see a surge in right-wing populism, challenging center-left parties across Europe​. | UPI
  6. Deadly Attack in Jammu and Kashmir. Armed militants attack a bus in Jammu and Kashmir, killing eight Hindu pilgrims and injuring 33​. | DW / UPI
  7. German Populist Party Gains Support. Germany’s new populist party, BSW, gains traction, posing a threat to the far-right AfD​. | DW
  8. Japanese Street Children “Toyoko Kids“. Teenage street children in Tokyo, known as “Toyoko Kids,” face exploitation and hardship as they struggle to survive​. | DW
  9. Medical Tourism Boom in Mexico. Mexico sees a surge in medical tourism as foreigners seek affordable and personalized healthcare services​. | DW
  10. Russian Physicists Denied U.S. Entry. Reports indicate increased difficulties for Russian scientists to enter the U.S., despite the Biden administration’s intentions. | DW